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11 must see attractions in central Vietnam

11 must see attractions in central Vietnam

Central region of Vietnam always attracts visitors with delicious food, beautiful beaches and romantic islands than anywhere. But besides that, when you come to this area, you can explore places and historical sites that have existed for thousands of years. Let us go through the interesting tourist attractioins below.

Ponagar tower
Nha Trang used to be a land of Cham people, so it still retains a lot of ancient Cham architectural works. One of them is Ponagar Tower which is an ancient tourist attractions not to be missed, located on Thap Ba Mountain in the heart of Nha Trang city center, so this place attracts a lot of visitors. Built in 813 and completed in 817, the tower has gone through many ups and downs of history, so it no longer has the original architecture but still exudes its solemnity. On the tower body still retains many clay statues and pictures. The tower is so named because it worships a god named Ponagar, who symbolizes beauty, art and creativity.
If you have the opportunity, you should come here from 20th to 23rd lunar March every year to enjoy the biggest festival of the year in this place. Besides the activities of religion and belief, you can also enjoy the performances of lion dance, ball dancing, singing.
Doc Let beach in Nha Trang
Doc Let
A pretty interesting name that many people mistakenly think this might be a slope or a place name. But this is a beach called Doc Let. It owns a long beach, clear blue water, fine white sand, you will be immersed in the cool water and enjoy the fascinating natural scenery of this place. At night, enjoy fresh seafood dishes on small boats of fishermen here with surprisingly low prices. That will be an unforgettable experience when coming to this peaceful land.

Van Phong Bay
Van Phong Bay is like a sleeping princess. Because when you come here you will be fascinated by the majestic natural scenery but also full of romance. From Nha Trang city you can admire the white sand dunes stretching both sides of the road. Come here remember to visit Son Dung beach, where only more than a dozen households are living, the wild beauty remains. You will feel your life more slowly and peacefully when you come here, Vietnam excursions.

Nha Trang Monkey Island
If you are an animal lover, this will be the ideal destination for you. Monkey Island is not only a tourist destination for swimming, but it is also a place to keep more than 1,200 monkeys for the purpose of preserving and serving tourists coming to the island. The red-faced macaque and the gray-haired monkey are two species of monkeys raised on the island. Monkeys on the island are quite invertible, so you will have a good time playing with them. Not only that, the island also organizes dog racing events that are very interesting.
Tam Thanh painting village in Quang Ngai
Tam Thanh Painting Village
The name came from the idea of a Korean artist combined with more than 100 Vietnamese-Korean volunteers who painted colorful paintings on the walls of a poor fishing village in Quang Ngai province. Gradually, this place became a tourist attraction to visit to admire the extremely unique paintings here.

Bay Mau coconut forest
Bay Mau coconut forest is one of tourist attractions in central Vietnam that attracts a great deal of domestic and foreign tourists because of its pristine beauty, vast scenery. Coming here you will be moved around by basket boat squeezing into the green coconut palms and enjoy the fun basket dance performances right there.
Eo Gio in Binh Dinh province
Eo Gio
Coming to Binh Dinh province, you can ask the local people if there is a beautiful place and they will tell you immediately that it is Eo Gio. Indeed this is an attractioin not to be missed when coming to Binh Dinh. Surrounded by winged mountains also makes the scenery become extraordinarily, pristine and incredible. This is just a small, unspoiled sea place that has not been exploited for tourism, so there are few services for visitors.

Ghenh Rang tourist site
Ghenh Rang tourist site is famous for its scenery on the one side and the vast blue sky on the other, the rocky mountains of thousands of shapes and sizes. Not only that, this place is also a land that brought up famous poet Han Mac Tu who is talented but had un unfortunate life. The beauty of Ghenh Rang is also associated with the legend about love.

Thien Hung Pagoda
The temple was built in 1977, attracting a large number of tourists because of its unique architecture and construction design. More specially anyone who is a tourist or a Buddhist will receive a free vegetarian meal from the monks. As the temple has a large number of visitor, you should find yourself a place to rest and inform to the pagoda to be served vegetarian meals.
Ghenh Da Dia in Phu Yen province
Ghenh Da Dia (Rapids of Stone Plates)
Ghenh Da Dia (Rapids of Stone Plates) is one of the remarkable tourist attractioins when coming to Phu Yen. The Creator has given this place a wonderful natural setting. From a distance, the rapids look like a stack of plates lined up on the beach, as if it were created by a human hand. You will not be surprised to witness this natural picture.

Mang Lang church
35km from Tuy Hoa city to the North, you will come to Mang Lang church. Built by a priest named Joseph de La Cassagne in France since 1892. This church has a gothic art style. Experiencing many ups and downs of time, Mang Lang Church is wearing an ancient moss outside. The scenery here is like a painting. It also preserves the first book written in national language of Vietnam.

Tourist attractioins in central Vietnam are extremely rich and diverse, cannot be fully introduced in an article. Hopefully, the above information will help you better understand the beautiful landscapes on this sunny and windy region.

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