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2 methods to download from Baidu Cloud high speed without an account

2 methods to download from Baidu Cloud high speed without an account

This article is written on 1 September 2021.
Baidu cloud (pan.baidu.com) is China's largest file hosting platform. It's very popular, and they mostly upload and share documents on it. But unfortunately, you need to have a Baidu account to be able to download.
To register an account, you must have a Chinese phone number and this is impossible for people living outside China mainland. However today I will share with you 2 ways to download files from baidu with high speed without logging in (get link baidu).

Method 1: Download files with 3rd party soft ware
Note: Look at the red arrow in the photos
With this way, you can easily download files from baidu with high speed using supporting software. I don't know what the name of this software is however the Chinese name is: 流量盘

Step 1. Download the software here: https://wwe.lanzoux.com/iHwULomcsxe (backup link)

Step 2. After downloading, you just need to extract and run the file main.exe
Download files from Baidu

Step 3 . If running for the first time, the software will automatically update, you wait for it to finish updating, it will display the following interface.
Download files from Baidu

Step 4 . Now, whenever you copy the download link , a small window will appear, you will enter the password and download it.
Download files from Baidu

This is the simplest, easiest way for anyone to download files directly from pan.baidu.com without logging in. Moreover, it is also loaded with high speed , helping you to download files quickly.

However, this software only allows you to download up to 6GB/computer/month (due to policy change). If you want to download more, you can buy VIP. You can also use another computer to get 6Gb more.

Method 2: Use Cookies And User Agent (Get Link Baidu)
This way can be called get link baidu (Get downloads directly from baidu) through an intermediary web.

This way it's a bit more complicated than the one above. Moreover, it is sometimes unstable, I sometimes try over and over again to download a file because it is often timeout and overloaded.

However, this is also a great way to download with high speed and not as limited as method 1. If you need to download a lot, you can use it as a backup plan.

How it works: A website will receive your download link, then give you Cookies and Useragent and some other information for you to use. Then use the above info into a software that specializes in downloading.
Note: Look at the red arrow in the photos

Step 1: Download and install the following necessary tools.
Go to https://baidu.kinh.cc/ Or https://pan.kdbaidu.com/ (it changes regularly)
Neat software download: https://www.neatdownloadmanager.com/ or back up link
Step 2: Paste the link + password into the box, Verify that you are not a robot
Then press the big button to get the link.
Download files from Baidu

Step 3:
Download files from Baidu
Click the last button as shown in the photo to get the link and cookie. This step is at your luck, if it is not overloaded, it will give you the result, if you get an error, wait a few seconds and press the button to try again or do it again.

Step 4:
Download files from Baidu
If the site appears as in the photo you are successful, you need to copy information where the 2 red arrows point at and open Neat Download Manager to download.

Step 5 : Use Neat Download Manager
Download files from Baidu
After successfully installing Neat Download Manager, open it and go to Setting.
Click the green button to copy information and paste in the Default User Agent of Neat Download Manager

Step 6 : Download the file
Download files from Baidu
Click on blue button beside the red one from the left (look in the photo) to copy the link and paste the link into Neat Download Manager and you're done.

Thank you for your attention and do not forget to share this article if you find it useful.

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