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Abandoned places become famous tourist attractions in Vietnam

Abandoned places become famous tourist attractions in Vietnam

Traces of churches, villas in Ba Vi, Nam Dinh, Da Lat or the deserted park that used to be on international newspapers ... became attractions to tourists.

Ruined church in Nam Dinh
About 120 km from Hanoi, the church is located in Xuong Dien beach (Hai Ly commune, Hai Hau district) has only an outer wall frame, due to the influence of land invasion, the church was abandoned since 1996. In recent years, this place has become a destination for photographers, and tourists to visit. Xuong Dien beach became busy, some people opened parking areas, sell drinks and food, Vietnam family tour.
Ruined church in Nam Dinh
Some groups of young travelers also often choose it as an overnight camping site to watch the sunrise. About a kilometer from the church is a salt field, also a destination for travelers who love to explore life in the coastal region.

Collapsed villas and churches in Ba Vi National Park (Hanoi)
In Ba Vi National Park, there are many vestiges of French architecture such as villas, colonel's palaces, churches, orphanages´┐Żwith only the frame, green mossed walls are left, mixed in the trees. These are the stops for many tourists visiting the park. The wedding photos, music videos are also made here.
Collapsed villas and churches in Ba Vi National Park
There are many ways leading to Ba Vi but if departing from Hanoi through Highway 32 via Son Tay town is the fastest route. Through milestone 0 of the ticket booth of Ba Vi National Park, you will start the journey, so be careful because this area has high humidity and slippery roads.
Abandoned Water Park in Hue
Abandoned Water Park (Hue)
Thuy Tien amusement park (in Huong Thuy town) caused a "fever" in 2016 when it appeared many times in international newspapers like a haunted park through the cameras of visitors. The park opened to visitors in June 2004 but then stopped operating. For more than 10 years, this place is in ruins, very few people come to this place.

Since its appearance in the newspaper, many tourists have come to visit and it has has become a check-in point for young photographers. In January 2017, this project was revoked by the People's Committee of Thua Thien Hue Province.
Franciscaines monastery in Da Lat
Franciscaines monastery (Da Lat)
The Franciscaines monastery on Hung Vuong street was abandoned for several decades. Tiled roofs and covered paths, murky space and many esoteric tales make this place famous, but not for the squeamish travelers. Like many other places, the monastery is located on a small hill, surrounded by pine trees, so it has a distinctive look of Dalat.

The monastery has an architectural combination between the West and the East. The windows and doors are full of Gothic architecture with domes.
Abandoned brick kilns in Dong Thap
Abandoned brick kilns (Dong Thap)
The hand-made brick kilns on the Sa Dec river in Chau Thanh (Dong Thap) have stopped operating due to environmental pollution, they are in the process of changing of production form, or of low economic efficiency. From a distance, thousands of brick kilns create a unique landscape, coming close, inside, wildflowers grow everywhere. A number of tour companies have taken this place into their Mekong Delta tour.

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