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Best places not to be missed when you visit Binh Lieu

Best places not to be missed when you visit Binh Lieu

Binh Lieu - the border region is located in the northeast of Quang Ninh province, adjacent to Guangxi province - China, about 270km from Hanoi city. In recent years, Binh Lieu has emerged as a beautiful destination, worth exploring for people who love to travel. Today we would like to introduce to you the best places you must visit when you come to Binh Lieu.

1 - Ancient village
The village is known as "Hoi An ancient town" of the mountains and forests of Quang Ninh with many beautiful scenes and convergence of the quintessence and cultural beauty of the Tay people. Some interesting and attractive spots you can go to such as: Ngan Vang, Ngan Chuong, Pac phe...
Ancient village Binh Lieu
Over the course of history, the people of Binh Lieu ethnic groups have always united, loved and helped each other to fight against the harsh nature, defeating many invaders to preserve life.

Thereby, ethnic groups have interference and mutual influence on customs, production practices, cultural activities, making cultural life in Binh Lieu have many different colors. Binh Lieu people always have a sense of national pride, which is clearly shown in preserving their own language, traditional costumes and forms of folklore activities - Vietnam private tours.

2 - Khe Van and Khe Tien waterfalls
These are the two most beautiful waterfalls as well as the most challenging to discover in Binh Lieu. In winter, the water flows very fast, creating vibrant, funny and extremely beautiful sounds. Admiring this waterfall with your own eyes, you will have to exclaim the wonder of nature
Khe Van and Khe Tien waterfalls Binh Lieu
Khe Van waterfall originates from Khe Van mountain range - Thong Chau with an altitude of more than 1000m above sea level. The waterfall has 3 layers of flowing water with a height of about 100 meters, pouring down white among the grass and rocks. Spectacular waterfall with flowing waterfall, large rocks lying prostrate, two sides of the waterfall are cliffs covered with moss. In the rainy season, the waterfalls release white foam to form small clear lakes at the foot of the waterfall. Khe Van Waterfall with pristine protection forest, rich vegetation is an attraction to enjoy the natural scenery of forests, cool streams, creating a sense of relaxation for each visitor to bathe in a natural stream, fresh air - Vietnam trips.

Khe Tien Waterfall consists of a waterfall complex with the system of Khe Tien 1, 2, and 3 waterfalls. The waterfall is formed from the geysers at the foot of the mountain, forming small streams of water pouring into waterfalls. Khe Tien Waterfall is located in the middle of the primeval forest in Khe Tien village (originating from the Quang Nam Chau mountain system 1500m above sea level). The waterfall has an altitude of 749m above sea level, high air humidity, year-round waterfall located in dense fog. The waterfall still retains its wild and poetic look.

Khe Tien waterfall complex has beauty with different shapes. Waterfall 1,2 is a small waterfall flowing to form a large lake, waterfall 3 radiates many waterfalls. According to folklore, there is a 7-color stone at Khe Tien waterfall. So, when coming to the waterfall, everyone tries to find seven-colored stones

Thus, with the beauty of majestic mountains, mild weather, friendly people, Binh Lieu fully deserves the nickname "miniature Sapa". If you are afraid to go to Sapa too cold and far away, try coming to Binh Lieu to experience the life and people here!

3 - Cao Xiem Peak
Cao Xiem Peak, also known as Khau Khoang, Flagpole Peak, Flag Mountain, in San Chi language is "Ke Kam Khai", in Tay language is "Kau Cam Co" is a tourist destination that is not known much due to the rugged terrain. With an altitude of 1,429 meters above sea level, in any village of Binh Lieu district, you can observe this majestic Cao Xiem peak. Therefore, on harvest days, local people often look up at Cao Xiem peak to monitor the weather and take proactive measures to collect rice and corn.
Cao Xiem Peak Binh Lieu
Cao Xiem is so close to life, however, the number of people who have set foot on this mountain is not much. Perhaps that is why Cao Xiem is still quite strange and mysterious. The way to conquer Cao Xiem peak is estimated to be more than 7 km long walking, mainly trails along the mountain slopes with lots of big rocks, covered with clouds and through immense grass hills. From the center of Binh Lieu town, visitors can follow one of 4 routes to explore Cao Xiem peak: the first is Cao Thang village (Luc Hon commune), the second is Luc Ngu village (Huc Dong commune); the third is Ngan Meo village (Luc Hon commune), the fourth is Co Nhan village (Tinh Huc). However Luc Ngu and Co Nhan are two roads that very few people choose, except a few indigenous people grazing on the top of this mountain from time to time -  northwest Vietnam tours.

4 - White reed path
If you come to Binh Lieu in October and November, you will not be surprised when you see the floating white color of the blooming reeds stretching to the horizon. It would be great if you could directly experience the sunny and windy road by motorbike here.
White reed path Binh Lieu
Indeed, it is not wrong to say that the reed season in Binh Lieu is a photograph paradise. The white reed season not only weaves a majestic and poetic picture of nature, but also adds vitality and color to captivate people's hearts.

Every autumn day, the road to Binh Lieu border is more poetic and beautiful because the two sides of the road are thousands of white reed flowers. Reed flowers grow in clusters on both sides of the road fluttering in the wind, attracting all eyes. The flowers of reeds have strong vitality, usually bloom in October. At first bloom, the flowers are pure white, after a while, the flowers gradually turn yellow and fall off with the wind.

Moreover, the reed lawn stretches endlessly to the sky, creating the feeling that the road ahead is a "stairway to heaven".

5 - Dinosaur Spine and landmark 1305
Dinosaur Spine - the way to the landmark of the Vietnam - China border, number 1305, also known as the miniature Great Wall. This point is also located on the road to Heaven of reeds. First you go in the direction to Hoanh Mo border gate, then follow the mountain road for about 16 km. The way to the dinosaur spine and the 1305 landmark is majestic scenery on both sides. However, to climb to the place requires good health, because the trekking route is a bit far, from the bottom looking up, it is endlessly long but crosses to the high mountain, quite overwhelming.
Dinosaur Spine and landmark 1305 Binh Lieu
Fortunately, at this time, there were stairs to go up, so it was less difficult. When going to this point, people remember to wear light clothes and bring food and water. Trekking time is about 3 hours.

On the way from the spine of the dinosaur through paradise of reeds, you will pass by the landmark 1300. This is also one of the famous landmarks in Binh Lieu that if you have time you should trek. In addition, there are other places such as Na Lang Suspension Bridge, Cao Thang village, Khe O village, visiting the villages of the Dzao ethnic group...

6 - Keo Lan Mountain
Keo Lan Mountain belongs to Phac Chi village, Dong Van commune, close to the landmark 1327, the special feature of this mountain top is a large rocky beach stretching as far as the eye can see between the vast space of heaven and earth. Keo Lan Mountain consists of many rocky fields with many large stones with different shapes interwoven, stretching between a large space. The many rocks are more than 3 meters high, suitable for those who like to take photos - Vietnam excursions.
Keo Lan Mountain Binh Lieu
Perhaps, it is because of the change in the shape of the stones that give visitors many impressions, creating a new feeling, attracting tourists not to want to leave. Not only owning the rocky field, the top of Keo Lan mountain also has puddles with luxuriant, green grass, with herds of buffaloes and cows grazing, giving us the feeling of all the fatigue and worries of everyday life. The noise and dust seemed to disappear.

7 - Cao Ba Lanh Peak
Cao Ba Lanh Peak is located in Dong Van commune, Binh Lieu district, at an altitude of 1,050m above sea level. is a suitable destination for visitors who love to explore and adventure. Standing on the top of Cao Ba Lanh, visitors can capture a beautiful space, covering a border area.
Cao Ba Lanh Peak Binh Lieu
What makes you excited to go to the top of Cao Ba Lanh is the "holy rock field", a rocky field with many large stones with different shapes, associated with the legend that in the old days, when the invaders from across the border overflowed. When they went to plunder, people knocked on the stone in the magic rock, emitting a loud sound, making the enemy panic and run away. Coming to Cao Ba Lanh, you also see many vestiges of a time of war to protect the border such as the brick pedestal that soldiers stood in to salute the flag in the morning, the water well used by the soldiers when stationed on the top of the mountain... like going back to the historical period of our fathers.

8 - Cao Ly Peak
Cao Ly Peak is located in Huc Dong commune with an altitude of more than 1000m above sea level. In autumn, especially late autumn - early winter, or after drizzle in late spring, there are many clouds. Goryeo is considered as "Sapa of Quang Ninh".
Cao Ly Peak Binh Lieu
Cao Ly Peak has large and flat lawns, so many tourists and backpackers often come here to camp and hunt clouds. After a night of stargazing, joyfully singing by the flickering fire, waking up on the top of the mountain in the morning, in the cold, watching clouds float in front of you, will definitely be an unforgettable experience in life - Ninh Binh tours.

9 - Na Lang Suspension Bridge
Located right on Highway 18 next to Binh Lieu town, Na Lang suspension bridge connects Na Lang village with Binh Lieu town. Currently, this bridge has deteriorated so it is only walkers are allowed to cros.
Na Lang Suspension Bridge Binh Lieu
Na Lang suspension bridge was built to replace the old bridge that was no longer walkable. The bridge is designed according to the standard of rural roads for mountainous terrain with a span of 120m long hammock, the bridge deck uses pre-fabricated Grating panels. The main cable and the stabilizer cable are flipped over, the slings are made of smooth round steel bars, and the cable anchors are galvanized steel plates.

Come to Binh Lieu, don't forget to stop and take photos at Na Lang suspension bridge

10 - Unique love market
When it comes to the tribal markets, visitors will remember the famous love market in the northern mountainous areas of ethnic minorities such as: Sapa (Lao Cai), Khau Vai love market (Ha Giang)...
love market Binh Lieu
There is also a love market in Binh Lieu. This love market is located in Dong Van valley, on Cao Ba Lanh mountain in Dong Van commune, Binh Lieu district. Dong Van love market - the only market in the year that usually takes place on the 4th day of the 4th lunar month and starts at dawn when the sun has not yet woken up.

The love market is filled with subtle wine. People drink wine, enjoy the feeling of ecstasy, get drunk before starting the summer work. The love song suddenly resounded, mixed with whispers and sparkling laughter reverberating throughout the mountains and forests - Mekong delta travel.

In the late afternoon, which is also the time to visit the love market, everyone is reluctant to say goodbye to each other and make an appointment to this day next year. A very lovely market scene.

Although it is a district of Quang Ninh province, as a mountainous district, Binh Lieu's climate will be quite different from the general climate in the whole province. In the summer, the weather is quite cool, so Binh Lieu is sometimes compared to a miniature Sapa of Quang Ninh, in winter the temperature is sometimes quite low, no less than the famous regions like Mau Son or Sapa. Wish you have a trip when coming to Binh Lieu.

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