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Discover the beauty of 500-year-old Dong Ngac village in Hanoi

Discover the beauty of 500-year-old Dong Ngac village in Hanoi

Dong Ngac village is one of the oldest villages in Hanoi, where there are architectural complexes dating back hundreds of years that are still present today. However, some of them are increasingly degraded and in danger of disappearing.
Dong Ngac village
Dong Ngac's old name is Ve village, a village in the northwest of the ancient Thang Long citadel. Currently, according to the administrative unit, Dong Ngac is no longer called a village, but the old features and old soul are still intact. There are many vestiges of communal houses, temples, pagodas and ancient houses that retain the ancient and mossy beauty. Private Vietnam tours.
Dong Ngac old village
The ancient village area is about 120 hectares, including 5 hamlets with more than a hundred houses over a hundred years old. The village communal house is a work with its history of more than half a century that has always been a symbol of the longevity of the ancient village, the courtyard and water well in the communal house were built according to ancient architecture, Vietnam family holiday.
Communal house in Dong Ngac village
Dong Ngac is considered one of the oldest villages of Hanoi. The complex of architectural works dating back hundreds of years is still present to this day. Stepping through the village gate is an ancient architectural space with many time-tinted architectural works still being preserved by local people.
water well in Dong Ngac village
Mixed with the ancient culture, the architecture of the construction works in Dong Ngac village also has a distinct European style. Modern beauty and a bit of classic intertwine to create an architectural style that always makes people nostalgic for an old time.
Old house in Dong Ngac village
An old house with an architectural style that blends a little European direction with an old look over time, on the roof of the house, the year of completion is written in 1927. However, over time, the details and interior of many items have fallen into disrepair, the walls are falling, the ceiling is peeling, and the wooden doors have gradually deteriorated, Vietnam adventures.

The people in the village still keep a rustic lifestyle, you can visit any house and ask people to meticulously introduce each antique item in the house.

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