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Eight best homestays in Tam Dao

Eight best homestays in Tam Dao

Tam Dao is a mountain resort town that attracts a large number of visitors in Vietnam thanks to it's diversity and richness of nature with many beautiful landscapes. You want to have a good vacation in Tam Dao but have not found a suitable place to stay? We would like to introduce a list of the most beautiful homestays in Tam Dao.

1 - 90s Homestay
Tam Dao mountain in Vinh Phuc province is favored by many people as "Da Lat of the North". This small town always knows how to please visitors when there are many lovely homestays, full of selfie corners for young people. In particular, 90s Homestay is one of the most favourite homestay in recent time because of its unique design and poetic mountain view.
90s Homestay Tam Dao
The A-shaped wooden tent is one of the "mark" points of this place. These tents are not completely self-contained, inside the room with 2 large beds is quite spacious and comfortable. Whether it's day or night, just open the door and you can enjoy the panoramic view of Tam Dao mountains and clouds. The chilly climate and poetic space will help you have a peaceful and wonderful experience. In addition to the A-shaped wooden house, 90s homestay also has tents and large wooden houses for large groups of friends. "In addition to the large room, reasonable price, this place also has an outdoor barbecue. You and your friends can play, sing and play very comfortably. private Vietnam tour

90s Homestay includes many types of houses, such as: dome house, A-shaped wooden house, tree house... This homestay is located about 800 meters from the central town of Tam Dao. The space around 90s Homestay is quite airy and quiet, a destination chosen by many young people to rest and relax on weekends and holidays.

Address: 90s Homestay Tam Dao, Residential Group 2, Tam Dao town, Vinh Phuc province
Tel: 0975 159 090

2 - Le Vent Homestay
Le Vent Tam Dao homestay is like a peaceful castle in the middle of mountains. Because this place is surrounded by primeval forests and yellow wild sunflowers, the shimmering, colorful, and poetic scenery makes the soul of anyone who comes to feel comfortable.
Le Vent Homestay Tam Dao
Step inside, Le Vent includes 11 rooms in all, each room has its own interesting thing waiting. The rooms have an area of 25 - 40m2, of course, there is no shortage of things needed for a relaxing journey. Not only enough but also beautiful, they are decorated delicately. So that even the bedroom Le Vent does not have a dead corner. short Vietnam trip

Tam Dao mountains and forests, plus a beautiful castle, super comfortable and modern rooms with Le Vent are not enough. This place also has a series of other exquisite spaces for visitors.

Address: Hamlet 2, Tam Dao town, Tam Dao district, Vinh Phuc province
Tel: 0868 063 269

3 - Bach Xanh homestay
Bach Xanh homestay is a combination of rooms located in the center of Tam Dao town. This homestay complex is the heart of people who love the scenery and people of the mountains and forests of Tam Dao. Therefore, the design and interior of the rooms are carefully selected and cared for by the owners.
Bach Xanh homestay Tam Dao
With many room options, modern interior decoration, an outdoor swimming pool and a BBQ area for guests to gather in the evening, Bach Xanh homestay becomes an ideal place for guests to stay. Especially for big groups, suitable for team building activities, tightening solidarity and relationships of members right in the exciting trip to the promised land of Tam Dao. Vietnam holiday package

Address: National Highway 2B, Residential Group II, Tam Dao district, Vinh Phuc province
Tel: 0945 614 463

4 - Sake Villa
Sake Villa is located in the middle of the majestic natural landscape of Tam Dao area, European style, with modern architecture designed with beautiful open space.
Sake Villa Tam Dao
A 110m2 large villa with 3 floors, 2 living rooms, 2 bedrooms. Each floor is designed with a different color tone to create a sense of curiosity for visitors. The capacity of the villa is not more than 25 people. At the villa, there are 02 playgrounds including: Rose Garden with an area of over 200m2 with a garden full of romantic roses and Sky Garden with an area of 110m2 located on the 4th floor of the house with a view of the whole Tam Dao and a corner to drink tea and coffee watching the clouds and sky, suitable for fun, outdoor dining, BBQ party... Vietnam excursion

Coming to Sake Villa, wherever you sit, you will see all four sides are glass doors overlooking the mountains of Tam Dao. The terrace is very large. You can freely take photos without paying attention to the background.

Address: Residential Group 2, Tam Dao district, Vinh Phuc province
Tel: 0986 666 464

5 - CuDen Homestay Tam Dao
Cuden Homestay Tam Dao is located in Zone 1 - Tam Dao town, it has an extremely ideal location, with a very beautiful and wide view of the valley. So from here you can enjoy and remember to take pictures freely in the dreamy space with blue sky, white clouds, windy breeze.
CuDen Homestay Tam Dao
Cuden Homestay Tam Dao "promises" to be first and second in terms of uniqueness, strangeness, reasonable price, extremely suitable for young people who love quiet, romantic, unique space!

In addition, a special feature in Cuden is that it also serves breakfast, night BBQ right in the large yard, milk tea for sweet lovers too. Milk tea addicts do not have to worry about leaving the city, the milk tea here is really delicious, 1 cup is not enough, 2 cups are just enough. Thanks to its outstanding appearance with glass doors, beautiful infinity pool view, this will definitely be a suitable place for you to relieve stress on weekends. Mekong delta travel

Address: Zone 1, Tam Dao town, Vinh Phuc province
Tel: 0822 234 334

6 - Top View Tam Dao
Positioned in the ideal majestic natural place of Tam Dao, Top View has quickly captured the attention of many tourists not only because of the open space, there is a harmonious combination of nature and trees but also quickly scored because this is a unique Vietnamese old house homestay in Tam Dao.
Top View Tam Dao
Top View Tam Dao has a large area with a campus of 2000m2. With an open, spacious, airy, clean space, the homestay is designed and built close to the nature of trees and the most special highlight here is the 100-year-old Chay tree decorated with flickering electric lights. next to the oldest house.

In addition to the old house campus, the homestay also has other grounds for visitors to rest. With a super modern and fully equipped bulging system, including full television, personal belongings, wifi... brings the most comfort and convenience to visitors when coming to Top View. Spacious space and area are favorable conditions to help Top View become an ideal resort for groups of 12 to 20 people, class meetings or a resort for family, friends and relatives.

Address: Hamlet 2, Nguyen Tat Thanh street, Tam Dao district, Vinh Phuc province
Tel: 0989 737 899

7 - Cau May homestay Tam Dao
Referring to Cau May homestay, one must mention the Bamboo Road that brings people to the rosemary region. The rattan bridge is made of woven bamboo. The bottom is supported by an iron pedestal system, running along the mountainside. Right from the moment you enter the gate, visitors have to admire the beauty of this place. On both sides of the road, wild sunflowers and cotton reeds are planted on the ground. Vibrant yellow combined with pure and wild white. Each corner has its own color.
Cau May homestay Tam Dao
The first impression of visitors when coming to Cau May Homestay Tam Dao is a garden full of green trees, a swimming pool with mountain view and a spacious BBQ yard, spoiled for you to gather with friends. In particular, Cau May Homestay Tam Dao has a unique and beautiful architecture with a space close to nature. With houses made of natural pine wood, visitors have new experiences.

Cau May is known as the "outdoor studio" of Tam Dao. This is a beautiful place to forget the way back to each season of wild sunflowers. It is a sparkling corner of Tam Dao, engulfed in mist. There is a bamboo bridge hanging between heaven and earth. The best time to check in this place is early morning and late afternoon. Clouds, mountains, and shadows of the sun reflect the colors of wild sunflowers, making us feel lost in the realm of both dream and reality. Gently stretching out his hand in front of his eyes, he thought he could touch the clouds.

Address: Residential Group 2, Tam Dao district, Vinh Phuc province
Tel: 0975 488 661

8 - Gao Homestay
Gao Homestay Tam Dao is a new homestay. Not only unique in design, Gao Homestay is also extremely affordable for students. Rice Homestay is located in Tam Dao town. The house is built with the direction facing the valley. From here you can enjoy a panoramic view of the green mountains. Hunting clouds on the foggy winter days in Tam Dao. From the location of your house, you can easily move to the famous attractions in Tam Dao.
Gao Homestay Tam Dao
Still a simple and rustic wooden house design, the Chill House of Gao Homestay Tam Dao has a spacious area and a larger capacity than the single wooden houses. The house has outstanding appearance with glass doors, beautiful and relaxing infinity pool view.

The separate house is located about 700m from the homestay of Rice Homestay Tam Dao. Garden House of Rice with the dominant white tone, delicate and elegant design and private space for large groups of guests. The house consists of 5 main rooms, including 3 fully equipped bedrooms, private bathrooms. In addition, the house has a large living room with kitchen cabinets, modern equipment, a lovely attic room with 2 extremely soft sleeping cushions, a beautiful view to help you relax.

Address: Tam Dao district, Vinh Phuc province
Tel: 0916 669 186

Above is a list of the most beautiful homestays in Tam Dao. Hope you will find a suitable place for yourself and have a comfortable vacation.

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