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How to travel from Hue to Hoi An

How to travel from Hue to Hoi An

How many kilometers is Hue from Danang and Hoi An? how long does it take? � what are the best means of transport? This is a common question we receive from travelers coming to Vietnam in the first time. You are living, working or simply traveling in Hue city and want to move to Da Nang city or Hoi An ancient town. However, you yourself do not know how how far these destinations are, how to travel, or how to arrange transport? To help you take away those concerns, the following article will tackle all of these problems quickly. Hopefully, after reading this article, you will have a better plan for your trip!

First of all, from Hue to Hoi An you have to go through Da Nang city, there is only one way, you cannot go by flight or boat (more about Vietnam private tour).
From Hue to Danang - How many kilometers?
In fact, Hue is about 100km from Da Nang, with this distance, it will take about 2 � 2.5 hours by road.
Starting from the center of Hue city, you follow the highway to Highway 1A, driving around 56km to Lang Co township and then go into the Hai Van tunnel with a length of about 6.2 km, when out of the tunnel, this is the territory of Danang City.

Transportation from Hue to Da Nang
Currently, there are some convenient transportation options that you can choose to travel from Hue to Da Nang. That is:

Passenger bus - tourist bus from Hue to Da Nang
To travel from Hue to Da Nang, you can choose a bus. This is a fairly popular option, you can go to the bus station in Hue to catch the bus, fares range from 50.000 � 100.000 VND, suitable for most people.
However, you have to wait until the bus is full of passengers, so it is impossible to follow your timing. Besides, when traveling by bus, you can not admire the natural beauty of Hai Van Pass.

Option 1: >> Book tourist bus from Hue to Da Nang, good points: sightseeing on the way, with toilet stops, good vehicles, reasonable fares.

Option 2: >> You can rent a private car with a driver will be much more convenient, suitable for family holiday, small groups, friends, companies�it cost about 1.200.000 VND (aprox 50 USD) for a private car from Hue to Da Nang.
Taxi Hue - Danang - Hoi An
Taxi from Hue - Da Nang
Another convenient choice for the Hue to Danang route is by taxi. However, with more than 100km distance, the price is not cheap. To save costs when using taxi, you can consider sharing the taxi with other passengers, you can contact DiChungTaxi for more information.
With the form of sharing taxi, passengers will save at least 40% compared to regular taxi rates and you still enjoy the best service.
Train Hue - Danang - Hoi An
Trains from Hue - Da Nang
Another option for you is traveling by train. The railway from Hue station to Da Nang station has many types of seats including hard chairs, soft chairs, hard seats (6-bed compartments) and soft seats (4-bed compartments), they care called cabins. Each cabin is designed with air conditioning and comfortable seats. Train fares usually range from VND 35,000 to VND 90,000 depending on the train and seat type.

If you travel by train, you will have a chance to admire the beautiful scenery of the Truong Son mountain range - Hai Van Pass and see many other beautiful places where the train runs through, you must be unable to take your eyes off the magnificent natural scenery when the train goes through Hai Van Pass.
Motorbike Hue - Danang - Hoi An
Motorbike from Hue to Da Nang
Those who love traveling, the choice of traveling by motorbike on the route of Hue - Da Nang is great. You can go on the pass or by the tunnel (read more Central Vietnam tours).

If you follow the Hai Van Pass road, you can stop and rest at the foot of the mountain to admire the beautiful scenery of Lang Co beach, Hai Van pass gate�This will surely be a very interesting experience. However, driving on this road by yourself you must be careful because of the situation of robbery on the way. Never go in the early morning or too late because it would be unsafe.

If you are afraid to go on the mountain pass, you can go to Hai Van tunnel. If you take the tunnel, drive to the tunnel and park your motorbike at the office of the Hai Van Pass Tunnel Management Office, a truck will take your motorbike to the other side of the tunnel and you will take the transfer bus and pick up your bike when you arrive the other end of of tunnel.

Traveling by motorbike requires you to have good riding skills, follow the traffic regulations, do not go zigzag and keep yourself and your companion safe. Moreover, before going to remember to check the condition of your bike to avoid the case of getting broken in the middle of the road (Vietnam day trips).

How to get from Danang to Hoi An?
The only way to go from Da Nang to Hoi An is by road, most people choose a taxi as it is most convenient. Not everyone knows that Taxi service in Da Nang is the most expensive in Vietnam, the cost per kilometre is quite high compared to other cities like Hanoi or Sai Gon, it cost about 15,000 VND / 1km for 4-seat cars and 16,000 / 1km for 7-seat cars because Da Nang is currently a hot destination for sea travel.

If you arrive in Danang by plane you can contact the shuttle service from the airport directly to Hoi An, or you can arrange a taxi through your hotel in Hoi An, it costs about 220.000 VND for a 4-seater car, 270.000 VND for 7-seater car or 320.000 VND for 16-seater car, very reasonable and convenient if you go in groups. Price is the same for the return way from Hoi An to Danang.
Bus from Danang to Hoi An
+ Bus from Da Nang to Hoi An: (about 30km)
Bus routes Danang - Hoi An - Da Nang: The bus departs from Danang bus station and stops at Hoi An station.
First leg itinerary: Central Bus Station of Danang - Ton Duc Thang - Dien Bien Phu - Le Duan - Tran Phu - Trung Nu Vuong - Nui Thanh - Nguyen Van Troi Bridge - Ngu Hanh Son - Le Van Hien - Bus Station Hoi An.

Return leg itinerary: Hoi An Bus Station - Le Van Hien - Ngu Hanh Son - Nguyen Van Troi Bridge - Bach Dang - Phan Dinh Phung - Yen Bai - Le Duan - Dien Bien Phu - Ton Duc Thang - City Central Bus Station Danang.

� Frequency: 20 minutes / trip.
� Number of trips (to and from) during the day: 38 trips.
� Daily operating time: 5.30 to 18.00.

+ Motorcycles from Da Nang to Hoi An:
From Danang to Hoi An by motorbike you can move in two main directions:
- Take Highway 1 to the south about 27km to Vinh Dien district and turn left for another 10km. Go to Hoi An and in the Huynh Thuc Khang street.
- Second way is closer, going from the center of Da Nang to the Han River Bridge, going to the provincial road of Da Nang - Hoi An, about 30km.

Renting a motorbike to travel in Hoi An you can contact your hotel for best price. Or traveling by motorbike taxi is also reasonable as the road in Hoi An is quite narrow. Taxi is also very convenient, but high price.

Taxi in Hoi An
� Mai Linh Taxi in Hoi An. Phone: 0510.3929292
� Mai Linh Taxi in Tam Ky. Phone: 0510.3838383
� Hoi An Taxi in Hoi An. Phone: 0510.3919919
� Taxi Faifo in Hoi An. Phone: 0510.3919191
Taxi in Danang
� Han River Taxi Telephone: 0511.3.655.655
� Huong Lua Taxi Phone: 0511.3.828.282
� Mai Linh Taxi Telephone: 0511.3.525.252
� Airport Taxi Phone: 0511.3.825.555.

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