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Le Champ Tu Le Resort Hot Springs & Spa - ideal hideaway in the northwest

Le Champ Tu Le Resort Hot Springs & Spa - ideal hideaway in the northwest

From author: This place is really worth a visit because of beautiful scenery, harmonious architecture, the bungalows are ok, fresh air everywhere. In the morning when you open the door, look down at the valley and you won't want to go home. I myself have been to the mountains in Switzerland, Austria, Canada, the US and can guarantee the mountain scenery here is no less beautiful than anywhere else.

I'm very surprised to hear that the owner is from mining industry but has a good vision and he has hired a very good architect. Not only that, the overall design is also very beautiful and there is still room for development. The play zone of this place is as modern and interesting as any resort in the world. Mineral bath area is also very good. In summer this mountain place is almost half the price of a beach resort while there is swimming pool, visiting caves, and the atmostphere is much cooler.

The minus point may be that it is a bit far from Hanoi, driving for 6 hours is also a bit tiring. The surrounding is not very developed, so it is difficult to find a place to eat. The kitchen service after Covid pandemic is not very good, but the bar tender did a very good job. It's just sometimes the staff doesn't know how to deal with messy passengers. Come and see.

Le Champ Tu Le Resort in Yen Bai
Le Champ Tu Le Resort is designed in harmony with the surrounding natural landscape imbued with local cultural identity. Every little detail in the resort is designed to blend delicately with standard furniture and perfect amenities, Le Champ will surely be the ideal stop to relax and arouse your senses, Vietnam adventures.
Le Champ Tu Le Resort
Le Champ Tu Le Resort is located in Nuoc Nong village, Tu Le commune, Van Chan district, Yen Bai province. Le Champ officially opened on September 4, 2019. Le Champ Tu Le gives you a real warm feeling with the majestic view of green rice fields. And the towering mountains with white clouds surround, making every visitor amazed and immersed in the resort scenery, Vietnam family tours.
Le Champ Tu Le Resort bungalows
Le Champ Tu Le Resort Hot Springs & Spa has more than 55 elegant bungalows in a 07-hectare campus running along the mountainside, Le Champ brings you a real warm feeling. Each bungalow has a spacious balcony, overlooking the majestic scenery of green rice fields. And the towering mountains surrounded by white clouds, the scene was covered with a forest of flowers.
Le Champ Tu Le Resort Vietnam
A land of cultural diversity of the Northwest, and a Le Champ Tu Le is ready to welcome visitors. You are ready to take a walk in the picturesque resort of Le Champ Tu Le and release your feeling in the scenery of the Northwest in the golden season? Enjoy the top resort service at Le Champ Tu Le!
Le Champ Tu Le Resort relax
Going to Tu Le to free your soul in the color of yellow rice dyed all over the Northwest passes? How to enjoy Tu Le in a summer day? Don't just look at the endless terraced fields on the passes, come to Le Champ to fully enjoy a Tu Le filled with brilliant colors:
- Enjoy the clean air of the Northwest mountains.
- Walking in the majestic Northwest nature.
- Enjoy a relaxing hot mineral bath with an endless view right in front of your eyes.
- Enjoy the famous highland specialties of Yen Bai.
- Experience the colorful ethnic festivals in the Northwest.
- Learn about the lives of hospitable ethnic boys and girls.

Do you want to try once to cast your eyes and catch the scenery from the only infinity pool in Yen Bai? In particular, here you have an infinity pool with natural hot mineral water extracted from hot springs near the resort. Next to the infinity pool is the Spa area that will help you relax after a day of sightseeing.
Le Champ Tu Le Resort scenery
How to get there?
From the center of Hanoi to Le Champ Tu Le Resort is about 230 km. If you travel by car, you can go in the direction of Thang Long Boulevard through Yen Bai bridge, then go straight on Highway 32 through the center of Nghia Lo town, continue on Highway 32 about 50km and you will arrive at Le Champ Tu Le Resort. The distance is pretty long, so just prepare well for this journey, Vietnam private tour.
Le Champ Tu Le Resort pool
Best time to visit Le Champ Tu Le Resort
Tu Le, Yen Bai is very beautiful and romantic with all 4 distinct seasons: Spring - Summer - Autumn - Winter, each season has its own beauty and characteristics. With its location in the northwest of Vietnam, the average temperature is about 15C in January and 29C in June. In particular, the resort in mid-September is also the time when the whole Northwest region enters the golden season.
Le Champ Tu Le Resort restaurant
Or if you want to immerse yourself in a hot spring in the cold winter weather of the north, then go to Le Champ Tu Le Resort around November and December. And if you want to experience special festivals and participate in attractive games here such as: Nem Pao, Tung Con, tug of war, horse racing...then you can take a trip in the spring.

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Dear Mr. Huy Hoang
We had a wonderful amazing trip and will return as soon as we can afford it again. Thank you so much! I will write a great review on tripadvisor. Really the guides and hotels and tours were awesome. Ms. Nhung was very sweet and refreshingly honest, very likeable. Mr. Tam was fantastic, highly knowledgeable and funny. Probably our best "tour" was the day we spent on motor bikes visiting the tombs near Hue. The bikes allow for a much more intimate view of the countryside. And then - as I wrote - Mr. An was absolutely the best guide ever...Read more