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There is a floating market in Ninh Binh

The scene of busy trading, the items for sale on the boats in Tam Coc make many tourists enjoyable. Unique trading place like a floating market in "Ha Long Bay on the land" is attracting visitors to Ninh Binh. Tam Coc travel.

Tam Coc - Bich Dong tourist site is like a "Ha Long bay on land". Coming to this place, tourists are sitting on the boat padding though romantic Ngo Dong river, beholding the beautiful scenery of mountains. Sailing through three caves, visitors will arrive at the unique floating market on the river.

This place is like a floating market in the Mekong delta. The items are sold on the boat, the scene of busy trading on the river. This spot has been formed from many years, this is the end of the boat tour to visit Tam Coc caves, when visitors arrive down here the boat will stop resting, buy souvenirs, drinks or snack.

In this "floating market" there are about a dozen sellers, each sitting in a small boat, on top filled with all kinds of goods such as: confectionary, beverage, fruit, souvenirs, specialties of Ninh Binh land. The items that many people choose to buy are often fruit, soft drinks to eat after a long trip to visit Tam Coc down the Ngo Dong river.

To reach this point of sale, the sellers will sail from Tam Coc wharf downstream the Ngo Dong river for more than 3km. After passing through the third cave, they will anchor the boat here to sell the goods. At the end of the day, they row home through the old way.

Visitors go to Tam Coc all year round, so this unique floating market in Ninh Binh is also busy all the time, often like the floating market in the Mekong delta. Many Western visitors to this floating market are very interested in the scene on the river.

Nguyen Van Dong (in Thanh Hoa province) after visiting the beautiful scenery of "Halong bay on land" stopped in the floating market to rest after a long journey. The guests have chosen to buy the necessary items to improve health and not forget to buy souvenirs for his family."The trading spot is very unique, like floating markets, traveling on boat, trading on boat, all floating on the river, very interesting," - Dong said.

Usually the sales women will anchor the boat on the river. When there are customers, they will row the boat to offer. The sales people here understand each other so there is no arguement for customers, the shopping takes place very quietly.

This woman when the customers have gone away took out a book that noted the items sold during the day to calculate the profit or sometimes she prepares the fruit when not busy.

The work is not hard but time consuming, but the women in the floating market always smile invite customers to buy. Everyone sells with the spirit "happy when customers come and pleased when customers leave".

Not only are the salespersons making profits, many of the women selling at this unique floating market are also enthusiastic guides when expressing to visitors the magnificent scenery of Tam Coc. They also create a culture of tourism where no one is the culture of the people of Trang An who are elegant and hospitable.

Floating market is located just near the Ba (Third) cave in Tam Coc. The buyers, sellers all floating on the river and create a unique romantic scene. This has created more unique travel products for visitors when coming to Ninh Binh.


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