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Top 10 attractive places in Hue visitors cannot miss

Top 10 attractive places in Hue visitors cannot miss

Speaking about to Hue, visitors think about the dreamland, a little gentle and quiet, giving people a feeling of peace that is hard to describe. Somehow, every time I set foot in Hue, my heart seemed to be cultivated with love, filled with sweet emotions as if hypnotized. For those who will go to Hue, below is 10 places that cannot be missed.

Floating on dragon boat in Perfume river
Not long and not big, but in the Perfume river, people always realize the peaceful softness of the clear blue water flowing slowly throughout the four seasons. The Perfume river makes the steps of a traveler can not ignore it, standing still to watch for a long time without getting bored. On a small boat, the Perfume river takes visitors through the green Vy Da hamlet, upstream to hear the bells are buzzing in Thien Mu pagoda and then adventure with the while clouds at Huyen Khong dock.

Ngu Binh mountain with the singing pine trees
Along with Huong river, Ngu Binh mountain is also one of the symbols of Hue land. The mountain is about 105m high, with the appearance of a person who is thinking deeply, in the distant eyes enjoying the dream picture made by the winding Perfume river, the citadels hidden among the green of the trees and white sands of Thuan An beach far away. As the mountain is not too high, not only tourists but even local people in Hue also love visiting to Ngu Binh mountain, strolling into the cool space and listening to the pine forest and let go of all sorrow.

Hue Citadel
Hue Citadel is located in Hue Monuments Complex, which is recognized by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage, a site that brings many experiences for tourists about cultural values, history and ancient architecture. Hue citadel was built by King Gia Long in 1805 but it was completed in 1832 by King Minh Mang. The architecture of the Citadel, including Royal citadel and Forbidden Purple City, mingles with the culture of Vietnam and France, bringing the exquisite elegance. Coming to Hue Citadel, passing through every small corner, visitors seem to go back in time nearly 200 years ago, recognizing the ancient golden imprints known through history books.

Lang Co bay
Lang Co Bay is beautiful and peaceful right from the viewpoint on Hai Van Pass, when it comes closer, the pure taste of the sea and the passionateness of the wind rushes straight into one�s nose. Lang Co bay impresses the hearts tourists to Hue by the blue water color of the sea, the smooth golden sand shimmering in the sun and the red houses standing out in the sky. Lang Co was forever beautiful, generous and sweet as the hospitality of thousands of fishermen, making your footsteps unwilling to leave.

Hai Van pass
Hai Van Pass, also known as Cloud Pass, is one of the most famous and beautiful passes in Vietnam land. Therefore, when traveling to Hue, visitors definitely cannot miss the opportunity to stand on Hai Van Pass, touch the dim clouds that are hiding like a long strip of silk stretching across the mountainside, in the distance is peaceful Lang Co Bay and the calm sea.

Tam Giang lagoon
Tam Giang - the largest lagoon in Southeast Asia right on the land Hue. But Tam Giang Lagoon now suddenly becomes a "muse" in the eyes of many people. The life of a fisherman floating on a large lagoon, changing colors with the sun brings a lot of emotions, simplicity and peace. Coming to Tam Giang, do not forget to try once being a fisherman and enjoy the delicious dishes prepared by the warm and sincere hands of local people.
Lap An lagoon in Hue
Lap An lagoon
Located at the foot of Phu Gia Pass, in front of the beautiful Lang Co Bay and surrounded by the majestic Bach Ma mountain range, Lap An lagoon paints a very sweet picture. Stepping into Lap An lagoon visitors suddenly seem to be lost in the dreamland, unreal with fog spreading on the sparkling water, extremely beautiful. Visiting Lap An, in addition to the opportunity to admire the scenery, you also have the opportunity to enjoy the famous local food, especially the seafood, Vietnam excursions.
Thuan An beach
Thuan An beach
King Thieu Tri once ranked Thuan An beach as one of the twenty landscapes in the former citadel land of Hue because of the captivating beauty of the beach. Thuan An beach is about 12km long with white soft sand, inclined toward the sea, gentle waves seem always singing a lullaby, Thuan An beach is seen as a sweet smile of a Hue girl, fascinating the hearts of tourists from all over the country. Visiting Thuan An, you can immerse youself in the cool water, faintly smell the sea in the peaceful fishing village and sip delicious specialties from the ocean.
Elephant stream in Hue
Elephant stream
Hue does not have many majestic waterfalls like in the Central Highlands but Hue still pleases visitors who love to hear the sound of water pouring through the rocks. And Elephant Stream is the ideal destination for tourists to Hue to satisfy that desire. Under the dense forest canopy of many green plants, the falls begin to flow, loosing it�s white hair down creating a happy sound. Beneath the foot of the waterfall is a rock shaped like a real elephant and a calm glitter lake waiting for visitors to soak in and feel the cold that dispels all tiredness.
Nhi Ho waterfalls in Hue
Nhi Ho waterfalls
Also hidden in the cool primeval forest sheltered by lush green trees, Nhi Ho waterfall is attracted by the high water rushing down and then naturally turns into two small branches. The sound of �singing�, the chirping of birds and the echoes of rocks give the background of Nhi Ho waterfall a poetic mountain region, where we want to let go of all the noisy busy life out there and come to relaxation in the peaceful nature.

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