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Travel to Tam Coc and watching people rowing boat by feet

By their feet, the boat people in Tam Coc tourist site (Ninh Binh province) control the boat riding smoothly on water. The skill of paddling by the foot of the Tam Coc people make many visitors admire. Tam Coc tours

Tam Coc - Bich Dong tourist site is one of the first waterway attractions in Ninh Binh. This tourist destination has long been famous and attracted many foreign visitors by the wild, romantic beauty. For many years, this place is a highlight of tourism in Ninh Binh.

One thing very interesting is the army of boat rowers in Tam Coc, since the site was put into operation, the households in Ninh Hai commune have an occupation of serving tourists on boat for a living.

Every household in the area has a passenger boat and is practicing in the tourist area. According to the assignment of tourism operators, households have boats in turn were sent to row to take visitors to sightseeing. Depending on the workload that the family selected will have a member of the family to row boat for visitors - tours to Tam Coc.

In their turn, a member of the family regardless of men or women, elderly or youngsters all are eager to row boat. Because of that a lot of people in Tam Coc, although very young but very skilled in rowing boat. There are old people who are 80 years old but still practice and see this as a joy of their day.

The most unique sight that tourists often see at the Tam Coc boat wharf is the skill of rowing the boat by foot of people here. Boats start to take visitors to visit each point in the Tam Coc, through every cave, or to the paddy fields stretching along the Ngo Dong river, the boat rowers still use their tough feet regardless of all the terrain.

Nguyen Van Minh, a Hanoi tourist, said the skill of foot rowing of the people in Tam Coc is unique. The rowers who paddled the boat with feet, regardless of male or female, are just as fast as rowing by hand.

Many foreign tourists when visiting Tam Coc ares also very excited and admired the skills of Tam Coc people. "They sail with their feet just as their hands, very nicely, sitting on rowboats with their feet soaring, so we do not feel any restlessness," said British tourist Perter. They paddle more skillfully than rowing by hand."

Ms. Hue who work as a boat rower in Tam Coc said before rowing boat for tourists, local Ninh Hai people we also often used boats on the Ngo Dong River to work in rice fields, so that everyone know how to row a boat. When the resort is put into operation, boat rides are more popular. "Every household has a boat to practice so every family must have at least one boatman. There are families who all members can row a boat, this one teaches the others, we are also trained to ensure the safety of visitors so everyone here is very assured. "

For foreign visitors, each boat carries 2 guests, Vietnamese passengers each boat carries 4 people. Each trip the rower has 100.000 VND, many rowing people whe were enthusiastic
also had tips from visitors. Thanks to rowing boats, many households in Ninh Hai have more income to cover family life.


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