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Travel to Ly Son island in Quang Ngai

Travel to Ly Son island in Quang Ngai

If you really need a true "escape" trip, away from all the worries of life to a peaceful island, surrounded by peaceful blue sea, then please come to Ly Son island. Surely the wild beauty of the sea and the idyllic features of the gentle life of the island will make you lingering here!

What are the attractions of Ly Son Island?
Coming to Ly Son, this rustic island has nothing but the natural scenery of the island like Maldives, the delicious seafood dishes and the warm hospitality of the people on the island. In particular, the landscape here has made many first-time visitors to utter astonishment at the pure beauty of the sea.
Considered as a �fairy island� in the middle of the sea, the water here is clear as crystal, gentle waves, extremely clean. Ly Son promises to be a tourist destination that draws a lot of attention in the future, private Vietnam tour.
Ly Son is divided into two islands: Big Island and Little Island. At Big Island (Ly Son Island), you will have the opportunity to visit specific tourist attractions such as:
Cổng T� V� (Archway) in Ly Son island
Cổng T� V� (Archway)
Cổng T� V� is a famous place on the big island of Ly Son - where anyone coming to Ly Son should visit once. This is a stone "arch" about 2.5m high, shaped like an arch arc and absolutely no effect of human hands. The wonderful scenery makes the Cổng T� V� also known by another beautiful name, Paradise Gate. This is also the most popular photography spot for young people when coming to Ly Son Island.
Thoi Loi mountain peak in Ly Son island
Thoi Loi mountain peak
Thoi Loi Mountain in Ly Son Island is one of 5 unique volcanoes turned off long ago, nearly 170m high above sea level. Visitors to Ly Son Island cannot miss the opportunity to conquer the island's largest mountain. Why does this peak attract so many people to conquer? Because this is the only place on the island that you can collapse into the entire view of the island and overlook the sea from far away. In addition, you also see garlic fields of the local inhabitants on the island, is it amazing?
Especially, overlooking from Thoi Thoi peak, you will see the fields of onion, garlic of Ly Son residents appear as a colorful picture.
Ch�a Hang (Cave Pagoda) in Ly Son island
Ch�a Hang (Cave Pagoda)
Cave or Hang Pagoda is like a wonderful stone sculpture that nature has bestowed on people in this land. There, the mountains and the sea adjacent to each other creating a masterpiece that makes everyone gaze. Surrounding Hang Pagoda are natural cliffs. Therefore, standing in Hang Pagoda, listening to the sound of water droplets splitting from the stalactites, smelling the deep scent mingling from the altars, one feels like a magical, pure, escaping world, Vietnam excursions.
Hang Cau in Ly Son island
Hang Cau
Located in Dong village, An Hai commune, at the foot of Thoi Loi mountain, Hang Cau has a majestic natural scenery between the sea and the mountain. Hang Cau is eroded by waves and sea breeze, "carved into the mountain" and formed thousands of years ago from lava. The scenere here is wild but has a very poetic beauty, captivating visitors.
Dao Be Ly Son
Little Ly Son Island (Dao Be)
The journey has not stopped here. Don't forget that Ly Son Island has another island about 3 nautical miles from Big Island. That is Litte Ly Son Island - where you only come once, but will definitely look forward to coming back again and again in life. Litte Island, as the name implies, is a beautiful little island, located peacefully in the Northwest of the Big Island.
Round boats in Ly Son island
Although the area is less than 1km2 , it possesses poetic natural beauty with clear blue beaches and white sand. Coming to Dao Be, you will enjoy the fresh air, a wild, dreamlike and very peaceful setting. Walking around the beach here you can easily see many dark rocks stretching along the coast, these are volcanic deposits left millions of years ago looking very eye-catching.
In addition to swimming, visitors can dive to watch the coral. The people here will use the colorful basket boat to take you to the coral reefs at sea.
Emperor crabs in Ly Son island
What do you eat in Ly Son Island?
This lovely island not only has beautiful beaches that delight the locals, but also has excellent local delicacies, ready to invite guests from far away to enjoy.

1. Garlic salad
Referring to the Quang Ngai region, it is impossible not to mention the Ly Son garlic, which is fragrant and delicious that no other region has. Coming here in the garlic harvest season when passing through the fields, you will hear the faint aroma of it and you do not miss the Ly Son garlic salad which is extremely strange and delicious.

2. Seaweed salad (cradling seaweed)
In addition to the typical garlic salad, seaweed salad is also considered a specialty of the island. The vast beaches around Ly Son Island provide a daily source of fresh seaweed for the people here. Once enjoyed the seaweed salad, no one forgets and wants to eat more. Ly Son seaweed salad is good probably thanks to the fresh seaweed and the scenery when we are sitting in the middle of the sea, among the kind people.
Night market in Ly Son island
3. Fresh seafood at Ly Son night market
Ly Son Night Seafood Market is home to about 20 seafood restaurants of local people. The most attractive thing at the seafood restaurants in the market is the fresh seafood that has been caught during the day. Coming to the night market, visitors can see a variety of typical seafood of Quang Ngai coastal area with unique shapes such as sturgeon fish, devil face fish, pineapple, king crab...
Lobsters in Ly Son island
Fresh fish and shrimp grilled over charcoal are very fragrant. Freshly baked seafood is also smoky with salt and chilly, add a little lemon, so it has a natural sweetness. Sitting to hear the waves, the sea breeze and enjoy seafood with salt and green chili, must be very interesting.
Because of the pure beauty of the blue sea and the simple and lovely features of the people here, Ly Son island has become an increasingly attractive tourist destination for many visitors. We are looking forward to hearing the story about your journey to discover Ly Son. Do not forget that we always accompany you on every trip.

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