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Visit Con Dao island, useful guide and information

Visit Con Dao island, useful guide and information

Everyone must have heard about Vung Tau, but few people visit Con Dao island. When it comes to this island, many people still think of scary prisons. However, in recent years, Con Dao has become famous for its pristine beauty, blue and white sand beaches.

Best time to visit Con Dao island:
The best time to go to Con Dao is from March to September. This time the sea is calm and gentle. Although it is in the rainy season, the rains in Con Dao are mostly showers and do not last long. The rest of the time there is always sunshine all over the island. If you are planning to explore this desert island or take part in coral diving tours, this is an extremely suitable time. In addition, this time is also the season of turtles from all over to lay eggs in the island (private tour to Vietnam).

If you choose to go to Con Dao in October to the end of February, you won�t be able to explore Con Son Bay because this is the time the bay is affected by the northeast wind and often has big waves. However, you can still be on the west and southwest sides of the island as the area is quieter and less affected by wind and waves.

How to get to Con Dao island
There are 2 ways to get to Con Dao:
By ship
From Vung Tau city, you go to Cat Lo port to go to Ben Dam port of Con Dao. The ship's capacity is about 200 people. The ship has both air-conditioned seats and beds, and a canteen catering food and drinks on board. Despite the travel time 12 hours, you won't feel tired.
timetable on high speed boat to Con Dao island
In addition, from 14 July 2020, you have one more way to go to Con Dao. Superdong high-speed boat has just opened new route Soc Trang to Con Dao, and takes only 2.5 hours. From Saigon you can travel to Soc Trang by car about 5 hours. After that, you go to Bien Phong Tran De port, jump on the Superdong ship, and more than 2 hours later you are already at the Ben Dam Port of Con Dao island
Superdong fares:

By air:
If you can pay more you can choose to fly to Con Dao. Currently, only Vietnam Airlines cooperates with Vasco to carry out this route. From Ho Chi Minh City or Can Tho, you can fly directly to Con Dao. But if you go from Hanoi, you have to stop in one of the two cities above before flying to Con Dao.

Flight time only takes about 55 minutes, and the cost is from 1.5 million VND to 3 million VND one way.

Transports in Con Dao
You should rent a motorbike to travel in Con Dao because the island has very fresh air, it is wide and deserted. Riding a motorbike to enjoy the romantic nature here is really great!

The rental price of motorbike in Con Dao is about 100 - 150k / bike / day

Accommodation in Con Dao island
Con Dao has many 2-3 star hotels for you to choose. Rate is about 1 � 3 million VND/day. Some hotels you can refer to:
- Con Dao Resort: No. 8 Nguyen Duc Thuan street. The resort is located in a central location, close to the beach.
- Thien Tan Star Hotel: No. 4, Nguyen Duc Thuan street.
- Thuy Thanh hotel: No. 8, Pham Van Dong street, Lo Voi beach.
- Lighthouse Boutique Hotel: No. 10, Ho Thanh Tong street, Lo Voi Beach
- Uyen's House: As the only homestay on Con Dao, this is full most of the time, the homestay design is also very cute.
Uyen homestay in Con Dao island
If money is not a problem, you can choose to stay at one of the two 5-star hotels in Con Dao:
Six Sense resort in Con Dao
- Six Sense Con Dao: This resort is quite separate from the city center. Suitable for those who like vacation travel. The price of Six Sense Con Dao ranges from VND 8.5 million - VND 50 million / night depending on the room type.
- Poulo Condor Boutique Resort and Spa: This resort is also a bit far from the center.

Travel Con Dao island: Where to visit
Dam Trau Beach in Con Dao island
Dam Trau Beach
This beach is located near the airport and this is considered the most beautiful beach of Con Dao with fine white sand, soft waves, and the mountain embraces the sea in an arc.

Suoi Nong (Hot Spring) Beach
This is also a beautiful beach in Con Dao. Because relatively few people know this beach, it still retains its pristine character and a rare mangrove ecosystem found on other islands.

Bay Canh islet
Located in the east of Con Dao, Bay Canh island consists of 2 parts connected by a big sand in the middle. This is the second of 16 islands belonging to the Con Dao archipelago and is covered by primeval rainforests. Another special thing about Bay Canh island is that this beach has the highest number of sea turtles to lay eggs in Con Dao.

Hon Tai islet
Like other islets here, Hon Tai also has very fine white sand, and is always chosen by the sea turtles as a place to lay eggs. In addition, on this island you also have the opportunity to see geckos, iguana, macaque, and brown squirrel - a special squirrel found only in Con Dao.

Mui Ca Map (Shark's cape)
Mui Ca Map provides one of the most beautiful sunrise and sunset views in Con Dao. Standing on Mui Ca Map, on one side is a steep cliff, on the other side is an immense sea below the abyss, a breathtaking view beyond description.

Con Dao National Park
If you like to walk through the forest to breathe fresh air, hear the birds singing, or to watch colorful butterflies and many other animals, then hurry to explore Con Dao National Park. Not only that, the beaches around the national park are also very beautiful and deserted. Here, you can also participate in fishing services, snorkeling, or cycling.

Con Dao prison
Speaking of Con Dao, no one is unaware of the prison associated with the painful past of Vietnam in French ruling time. Con Dao prison is considered a "hell on earth" built from the time of the war against French colony. This is a place to hold political prisoners, death row inmates, or any prisoners particularly dangerous to the French colonial regime.

Jetty 914
The Jetty 914 is also an important historical site in Con Dao, the number 914 is the number of people who sacrificed during the construction of this pier.

What to eat in Con Dao?
Needless to say, as an island Con Dao has many specialties for you to buy as gifts for your families and friends. Such as a sunny mackerel, eagle nut jam, oyster porridge, her breast snail, moon crab, red lobster.

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