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Vietnam currency

what is vietnam currency?

During Vietnam tours, you will need to spend money on drinks, food or buy thing, so how to realise Vietnam money: Vietnam currency is Vietnam Dong. The Vietnam Dong is divided in 2 kinds: Coin and paper. The value for coin is very small. The value for paper is devided into: 500.000 is same as 25 USD. 200.000 is 10.3 USD. 100.000 is 5.1 USD. 50.000 is 2.5 USD. 20.000 is a little more than 1 USD. 10.000 is 0.53 USD. 5000 is 0.25 USD........ The exchange rate will change everyday.

what kind of money can you use in vietnam?

You can use Vietnam currency (Vietnam Dong), American dollar (USD) or EURO in almost tourist destinations and city. However, it is better to have some Vietnam Dong with you.

what kind of money can you bring to vietnam for change at the bank?

You can withdraw only Vietnam currency (Vietnam Dong) from ATM in major airports, hotels, cities or the capitals of provinces. You can bring USD, Pound, Canadian dollars, Australian dollars, Singapore dollars, Hongkong dollar, Euro.... to Vietnam and change into Vietnam Dong, so you do not have to buy dollars and change dollars into Vietnam Dong and you save changing fees. 1 Aus dollar is about 17.000 Vietnam Dong. 1 Canadian dollar is about 18.200 Vietnam Dong.

what is the exchange rate?

1 dollar is about 19.000 Vietnam Dong. 1 Euro is about 24.000. 1 Pound is about 29.000 Vietnam Dong.

ATM & credit cards

You can withdraw only Vietnam currency (Vietnam Dong) from ATMS in major airports, hotels, cities or the capitals of provinces. You tour guide will help you to find ATMs when you need.

Visa card & Master card widely accepted in Vietnam. American & JCB are accepted in some areas. You should check before your purchase. The bank fee which customers have to pay is 3% for Visa, Master and JCB cards, 4% for American Express.

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