How to make fried Vietnamese spring rolls
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How to make fried Vietnamese spring rolls

We show how to make fried Vietnamese spring rolls?

Thousand times we have answered the question: how to make Vietnamese spring rolls? After joining us, tourists have many times to taste Vietnamese spring rolls and they love this dish.


  • 150g Cellophane noodles
  • 150g Sweet white turnips
  • 150g Soybean sprouts
  • 150g Onions
  • 350g pork shoulder
  • 2 new laid eggs
  • 30 Rice paper sheets
  • 20g Dried black mushrooms
  • 50g Chives, Flour, lettuce leaves and fresh herbs

Components of the sauce:
Garlic and chopped chilli , white rice vinegar, a little sugar, ground pepper, nuoc mam( fish sauce), carrot(150g) and green papaya.

Making the sauce for serving:

  • Peel and slice the papaya and carrot, pickle with a little salt and sugar. Leave for 15 minutes . Wash again. Squeeze slightly.
  • Mix the Nuoc Mam( fish sauce) with a little water, vinegar and sugar. Add chopped garlic, chilli and ground pepper. Finally add the papaya and carrot.
  • Serve hot with the dipping sauce and salad.


  • Grind the pork meat. Chop the sweet turnips, onions and Soybean sprouts. Chop Chives.
  • Soak the Cellophane noodles into tepid water for 10 minutes. Rinse, drain and cut with scissors into small pieces( 1.5 to 2,5cm)
  • Soak the mushrooms into tepid water for 15minutes and wash them thoroughly, remove the stems and chop finely.
  • Mix all the minced ingredients with the eggs and little pepper to make stuffing.
  • Mix the flour with little water to make a paste.
  • Place one tablespoon of stuffing at the base of each rice paper sheet, roll it. Fold the sides toward the centre and roll all the way to enclose. Paste its edges with a little sticky flour.
  • Fly the rolls in hot oil until they turn a golden brown color. Please keep your fire small.

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